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Hey You!


Ugh, another vendor to communicate with. 

I get it. I remember when I got engaged and reached out to a vendor inquiring about availability. What they said, "Oh honey, we book much farther out than you're inquiring about."

I'm not here to make your life harder. My motto will never be that you need to figure it all out yourself. I may not be a formal wedding planner, but I can provide you with resources to make this experience not as trying as it may have started.

I won't ghost you and will promptly respond regarding my availability. You should not be waiting around to find out if you need to keep searching.

I have curated a wedding guide that lists out exactly what you would want to know about filming your special day. If you have more questions, then let's chat! 

Most importantly, never fear about telling me you've decided to go in a different direction. I want you to pick a videographer that serves your vision.

Film Day packages start start at $2000.

Contact Me Directly!

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I won't add you to an email subscription.

I won't bombard you with messages.

I won't make you feel guilty if you choose another vendor.

If you are struggling with planning, I'd love to offer you whatever assistance I can, whether you book me or not.

If I'm not available on you date, I can actually point you to other videographers that I love to recommend!

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