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Nice to Meet You!

Rather than a long and boring bio, I wanted to share a few ‘fun facts’ so that you can get to know me, Amber Chapman, a little more. 

  • said my own vows in 2015 to the most amazing guy in the world (we met AT a wedding)

  • I started professionally filming in 2017 after realizing I missed out on a great video of my wedding day

  • I have a bit of a green thumb and my office has become a greenhouse

  • I drink chai tea lattes everyday

  • I live in Washington, IL and primarily work within a 50 mile radius

  • My favorite colors are mauve and olive

  • Since becoming parents, capturing any special moments means so much more now


My husband, Eli, might not be a videographer, but he's one of my biggest cheerleaders!

Many times, he has inspired new ideas! Eli is not only naturally a huge part of my life, but he's a big part of A Reel Life Moment too.

Because of weddings like yours, I get to enjoy the bliss of weddings time and time again.

Now Let's Meet You!

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